Smart Tips To Get Premium Entertainment For Free!

With changing times, entertainment formats have also changed considerably. Today, we have premium entertainment available on a number of apps like Netflix and HBO Now, but most of these are expensive to say the least. If you are someone who doesn’t find time to catch the shows on TV, it is unlikely that you will spend that kind of time on apps either. As such, the monthly charges don’t make sense. So, how can you get entertainment for free? We have some smart ideas below.

Use the free platforms

Now, this is a no-brainer for sure, but apps like Dailymotion and YouTube are extremely relevant even now. YouTube does have premium content for certain channels, but if you are keep an eye, there are users and channels that keep uploading these contents, until YouTube gets them down yet again. Also, if you don’t have the time for TV, you will find most important episodes and contents online for free. YouTube and Dailymotion might be similar and have been listed in the top entertainment apps, and no wonder, both are trying hard to improve their features.

Go for free apps

There are a few apps that offer entertainment from premium sources for no extra charge. You can check Cinema Box HD example, which is a good option.  Cinema Box is basically a free app that has movies, videos, shows and much more – All for free! Cinema Box scores on its content quality with HD streaming, and there’s a special kids’ mode, which allow parents to control content for their children. The app has subtitle support, and you can even download a few movies and watch them later. Also, unlike torrents that are known to add malicious files to computers, Cinema Box is quite safe.

Careful for a few things

Most of us know about torrents, and we understand the different consequences of downloading from illegal sources. Premium content from the right sources can be worth your time, but it is important to choose these sources with care. You don’t want to download unwanted files on your phone and laptop, which can lead to various virus and malware infections.

Also, do check online to find a few reviews for apps you use. This just helps in comparing a few choices. Some apps have been facing copyright issues, so you will have to download them with the APK files for Android. You can find installation guides online.